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VCF To Excel Converter Software 7.0

The program lets you convert multiple VCF files to Excel files
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As its name clearly suggests, the purpose of this tool is to help you convert VCF vCards to Excel spreadsheets.
VCF To Excel Converter Software is a very simple utility that even complete beginners can use. It’s a straightforward utility that doesn’t come with any advanced features, complicated options, or sophisticated functions.

I like about this small application the fact that it can convert to one single Excel file even when providing multiple VCF files. In other words, it can also merge the VCF data, acting as a VCF joiner as well. Of course, it can also convert separate VCF files to separate Excel spreadsheets too. Batch converting multiple files at the same time is also supported.

Unfortunately, it can convert only to the XLSX format. Converting to XLS is simply not possible. Another thing that bothers me about this tiny tool is the fact that it comes with a price, while most other similar tools are offered for free.

Anyway, VCF To Excel Converter Software is still a nice and simple solution to transfer data from VCF vCards to Excel workbooks.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can also join VCF files into single Excel spreadsheets
  • Can batch convert multiple files at once
  • Very simple to use


  • Doesn't convert to XLS files
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